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CASE STUDY #2059: Produced/ Saltwater System for Shale Oil & Gas

Produced/ Saltwater System for Shale Oil & Gas

Model #774 Automatic Strainer Skid

Produced/ Saltwater water is the oil & gas industry terms for any water trapped in underground formations that is brought to the surface during the oil and gas exploration and production process. This water has some of the chemical characteristics of formation and the hydrocarbon it has been in contact with for centuries as well as the water and chemicals injected into the formation during the drilling and fracking process.

Produced/ Saltwater contains solids of sand and grit that are required to be removed before proper disposal or reuse of the water. Trucks are used to haul the water from each well site to a Saltwater disposal facility. However some wells, an ever increasing amount, are as much as 150 miles from the applicable saltwater disposal site. In order to limit the required travel time and distance, the customer has constructed a common transfer station. The trucks hauling the Produced/ Saltwater water from these remote well sites will now only have to travel to the common transfer station which would be a distance of up to 50 miles thus saving time and trucking costs.

Model 774 Automatic Strainer Skid

Duplexed package for 24/7 operation

(2) 8" Model 753 Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers

(2) 6" Model 753 Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers

Control panel, motors and differential pressure switches are explosion proof.

The Model 774 Automatic Strainer Skid is mounted at the transfer station. The Produced/ Saltwater is pumped out of the trucks at a flow rate of 125 gpm and enters the first strainer with a filtration level of 0.004" (100 micron). The second strainer further reduces the contaminate size to 0.002" (50 micron). Any debris, sand, grit or particulates 50 micron and larger will be removed before the water enters the pipeline for its travel to the Saltwater disposal site.

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