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Filtration Applications for the Power Generation Industry 

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The performance and efficiency of a Natural Gas fired turbine is directly related to the quality and condition of the fuel gas. We design and specify coalescing filtration systems to ensure maximum removal of liquid and solids particulate from fuel gas streams.

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We also offer fuel gas conditioning skid packages that incorporate filtration, heating, pressure control, and metering to meet the fuel gas criteria established by the turbine manufacturer.

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Combustion is the basic chemical process of releasing energy from a fuel and air mixture. While it is key to have clean, contaminant-free fuel, it is equally as important to provide combustion turbines with clean air.

Intake Air is often filtered in multiple stages, with each filtration stage optimized for maximum air delivery and particulate removal. Our knowledge of filtration has helped many power generators reduce costly maintenance and improve generation efficiency.


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Water filtration is key in various types of power generation systems.

    intake water

    protection of cooling towers & condensers

    gland seal water

    boiler make up water

In Nuclear Power Generation water is used for temperature control within the reactor, spent fuel pools, and other process controls.

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The Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil circuit systems are vulnerable to a variety of contaminants that result in inefficiency, downtime, and excessive repair costs.

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Filtration plays a key role in protecting and maintaining these sensitive components.

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Proper filtration is pivotal for employee safety, environmental safety, and overall plant efficiency.


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