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Strainrite's Vent MAXX and Vent Rite filters set a new standard
for PTFE membrane elements.

These filters utilize a technologically advanced membrane in our unique pleat construction to deliver unrivalled efficiency, superior strength, and high flow rates.

An Industrial/ Chemical/ Coatings company asked us to help them find a filtration solution for a product that was currently in the laboratory that they had been tinkering with for some time. 

The application was an Isopropyl Alcohol based chemical preparation that after...

From water purification to chemical filtration, using high quality filters can take your products from good to great. At Strainrite, they have many industry-tailored products built for specific applications to bring you top notch solutions. From microorganism control t...

Produced/ Saltwater System for Shale Oil & Gas

Model #774 Automatic Strainer Skid 

Produced/ Saltwater water is the oil & gas industry terms for any water trapped in underground formations that is brought to the surface during the oil and gas exploration and production p...

In this application the customer desired a cleanable filter cartridge to avoid the costs of replaceable disposable filter elements. We showed them the economics based on dirt holding capacities of the filter they wanted to use and what we would recommend for this appli...

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