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CASE STUDY #3012: Chemical Filtration Application

An Industrial/ Chemical/ Coatings company asked us to help them find a filtration solution for a product that was currently in the laboratory that they had been tinkering with for some time.

The application was an Isopropyl Alcohol based chemical preparation that after blending with solids developed a haze in this amber colored product. The haze, generally 1-5 micron in size, precipitated out of solution due to the chemical reaction. Optical clarity was necessary.

On their own, they completed the following attempts.

First they tried a 1-micron 47 mm disc filter. They did not achieve the optical clarity wanted.

The second attempt they tried a 1 micron polypropylene media filter capsule, with 1 sq. ft. of filter media from a competitor of ours. Again, they did not achieve the clarity they wanted.

For their third attempt, they tried a 0.2 micron polypropylene media filter capsule. The clarity improved but was not perfect. They also had great difficulty getting even a small volume through the 1 sq. ft of 0.2 micron media.

Frustrated with their failures; It was at this point the laboratory contacted their pilot plant personnel and asked for advice on how to filter. At this point, C.C. Day was asked to look at the application.


After reviewing the specifications and relying on the experience C.C. Day has with haze removal in other applications, we recommended the distinct advantages of a glass filter media in the application.

The laboratory tested a Strainrite MCP5-D101-GP0.8V filter capsule. The 0.8- micron Glass filter media provided both the optical clarity and throughput the customer desired.

Customers comments: " Greetings C.C. Day, I finished a filtering trial using the Strainrite MAXX-CAPSULE MCP5-D101-GP0.8-V you recommended with great success! The product filtered

through the filter with ease. The pressure required was less than 10 psi and the flow was very impressive. Material came out crystal clear indication the fine solid was completely filtered out"

The product then moved to the pilot plant to produce volumes enough for their product and market testing. The product marketing and testing went very well.

Full production is now set up with a Strainrite MDXK-GP0.8P2CD1E filter element, a production size element with 25 sq. ft. of media. There are two coating lines, each having a duplexed filter housing for continuous uninterrupted product flow 24/7.

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