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Filtration Applications for the Ink and Paint Industry 

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Dye base products are filtered to remove gelatinous residues, insoluble dyes, and foreign contaminants. Our INK-JET IKG, IKS, IKG filters are ideally suited for the first two stages of filtration with a final membrane filter for bio-reduction.

Common Filtration Steps in Ink Jet Ink Formulation 

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IKP– All– polypropylene filter medium allowing compatibility with a wide range of inks and allowing maximum transmissions of pigments or dyes.

IKS– Feature a graded pore density polypropylene medium that maximizes filter life and performance.

IKG– Contain a glass fiber medium allowing high flow rates and exceptional removal of problematic gels.

PRMXE–  Pleated Polyethersulfone Membrane Cartridges sub micron filtration for bio-reduction.


Disposable Filter Housing 

Made of virgin Polypropylene or black filled polypropylene for UV sensitive inks, these housings custom encapsulate any of our filter cartridge medias. They are the safest, cleanest and most economical filter housing system available.

Manifold Head Assembly 

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The disposable housing quick connects to the manifold head assembly. The removal of the housing is quick, clean and efficient. 

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Pigment based products require a high attention to the final product specifications. The objective is to filter out contaminants and agglomerated solids while allowing the appropriate levels of pigment to remain in the product. This is referred to as Classification.

Classification is the process to remove solids of a certain size and larger, allowing the smaller solids/pigments/oxides to remain. Classification filters are manufactured to have very sharp cutoffs at the required retention level to achieve these very specific goals.

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Glass Fiber Filter 

Resin Bonded Glass Fiber Filter Media is uniquely suited for high viscosity fluids and gel removal in multiple ink and paint applications. 

Grooved for longer life 

rue Graded Density for life and consistent performance 

The rigid, resin bonded glass fiber filters are preferred because they provide a stable fiber matrix.  The thickness of depth filters provide a tortuous path ideally suited for the capture of gels.

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