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Chemicals are often filtered as raw ingredients. Sediment is often found in tank cars, drums, totes, bottles, etc. used to delivery these fluids to the facility.

Filtration prevents the accumulation of particulate in the storage tanks.

PROCESS APPLICATIONS – High Purity Chemicals and Gases
Process applications in the semiconductor and circuit board manufacturing industry involves the use of chemicals and gases to mask, coat, etch, clean and rinse the wafers boards. These filters provide point of use clarification.


Ultra Pure Water (UPW)
UPW is used throughout the process. Filters, ion exchange medias, and other technologies are used to generate the ultra pure water. This water is recirculated throughout the facility for use to rinse and clean the wafers and boards. The filters are located on the pad of the water treatment facility and as point of use at each process application.


Applications include manufacturing process gasses and facilities compressor air intake, vacuum and  liquid/solid removal from gas streams.



Ultra-pure/DI water, process water, boiler water, chilled water, cooling tower water, wash/rinse water, steam, CIP and waste water are typical applications.

HVAC disposables, Hepa and roll medias are used in clean rooms and facilities.



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