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C.C. Day Company is proud to offer these and many other fine lines of Filtration & Separation products.
For more information regarding our products, please click on the logos below. 

High Purity Membrane and Pleated Filter Cartridges, Filter Bags and Large Diameter Pleated Bags and Hi-Flow Cartridges. 

Disposable HVAC Filters, Panel Filters,

HEPA Filters and Roll Medias. Glasfloss is the clear choice for your air filtration needs. 

Fabricated filter vessels and strainers. Skid mounted packages. ASME Code Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and specialty metals. 

An Industrial line of cartridge and bag filters and housings for the oil and gas industry. 

Stainless Steel Pleated and Cylindrical Filter Cartridges, Self-Cleaning Scraper Strainer. 

Patented Automatic Self-Cleaning, Simplex, Duplex, Y &  Cone Strainers. Cast and Fabricated.

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filters, Fuel and Gas Filtration, Air, Gas & Liquid Process Filters. 

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Disposable Filter Housing Systems

Quick Change, Eliminates Vessel Clean Up. 


Self-Cleaning automatic backwash filters,

Fully Automated, 5 - 500 micron retention. 

Natural Gas Coalescing Filters, Gas Conditioning Skids, Patented Technologies. 

Centrifugal Separation of solids from liquids, Automated Solids Removal Systems. 

Air & Gas Filtration, Air Intake, Compressed Gas, Vacuum, Oil Mist Eliminator.

Lube Oil Filters, Oil-Reclaimers, Oil Conditioners, Vent Oil Mist Eliminators 

Glass Fiber Filter Media uniquely suited for high viscosity fluids and gel removal. 

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