Filtration Applications for the Fuels & Refining Industry 



Removal of fluid and particulate contaminants from fluid re circulation processes and feed streams is essential for improving the efficiency of refining processes. We offer filtration solutions that maximize contaminant removal, minimize maintenance downtime, and extend the life of capital equipment for an improved business performance.

Our solutions deliver premium filtration for processes such as:

· Alkylation

· Caustic Treatment

· Amine Recovery

· Catalyst Re circulation Systems

· Cooling Towers



The performance and efficiency of a Natural Gas fired turbine is directly related to the quality and condition of the fuel gas. We design and specify coalescing filtration systems to ensure maximum removal of liquid and solids particulate from fuel gas streams.

We also offer fuel gas conditioning skid packages that incorporate filtration, heating, pressure control, and metering to meet the fuel gas criteria established by the turbine manufacturer.



Filtration plays a vital role in the production of Ethanol.  We have many solutions to ensure both fuel-grade and industrial-grade ethanol are free of particulate and contaminants before going to market.

We offer several technologies that work to protect critical equipment such as membrane water systems, heat exchangers, cooling towers and basins,  and Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems.

These technologies include self-cleaning strainers, centrifugal separators, automatic-disc filters, and many others.



Feedstock Filtration & Technology

In addition to the traditional Corn-based Ethanol production, Filtration is also critical for many other Renewable Fuel manufacturing processes.  These processes use feed stocks  from renewable sources such as oil seeds, animal products, agricultural products, waste, and plant material to generate both liquid and gaseous fuels, fuel additives,  and other chemicals.

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