Filtration Applications for the CBD & Botanical Oils Industry



Botanical Extraction Bags 

  • Porosity choice for varying biomass particulate sizes 

  • Material choice for durability depending on fiber presence

  • Zipper closure available for quick circulation of bags 

  • Rugged reinforced construction to avoid rupture

Trap Filtration 

PEXL-AA extra life filter bags 

  • Carbon fines or dust from decolorization are handily removed 

  • Up to 3X life of similar-length bags

  • Extra dirt trapping depth compared to standard felt bags 


Carbon-Ready Bags
Pre-Packed Carbon Ready Bags 
  • Fill with your preferred grade of activated carbon
  • Easy to Use
  • Contains carbon to prevent mess
  • Pre-packed bag available- convenient
  • Maximizes residence time


WRPF Wax Removal Pre- Filters 

WRB Wax Removal Bag 

  • More wax removal capacity

  • Lower up-front capital equipment costs

  • Greatly reduced labor 

  • Faster changeouts

  • Less product hold-up and higher yields 

  • Lower filter replacement costs

  • No diatomaceous earth 



  • Polypropylene microfiber filter media enable fine filtration with high flowrates 

  • Layered, pleated construction permits longer filter life 


  • PES Membrane filters permit fine filtration with high transmission of active ingredients

  • Submicron filtration effects bioburden reduction and increased shelf life