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CASE STUDY #1065: Cleanable SS Cartridge vs. String Wound Filter

In this application the customer desired a cleanable filter cartridge to avoid the costs of replaceable disposable filter elements. We showed them the economics based on dirt holding capacities of the filter they wanted to use and what we would recommend for this application.

The data clearly illustrates that the SWF filter cartridge with its lower cost per pound of contaminant removed is the best choice in this application. This disposable filter cartridge has a savings of over $390 per pound of contaminant removed. There are also additional costs of cleaning the cleanable cartridge at 114 times per pound of contaminant removed that the disposable SWF filter cartridge does not have.

The disposal costs of the SWF filter cartridges are minimal because the contaminant, fluid and the cartridge materials are all considered as standard industrial waste and not hazardous.

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