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The Strainrite Companies: 4 Polyethersulfone Filters to Drive Better Results

From water purification to chemical filtration, using high quality filters can take your products from good to great. At Strainrite, they have many industry-tailored products built for specific applications to bring you top notch solutions. From microorganism control to wine filtration, consider these filters to improve your quality and bring your customers the best results.

For better electronic grade particle reduction: The PES-E

This pleated membrane polyethersulfone filter was developed for the microelectronics industry. It was engineered to have a high degree of particle retention, or a strong bacterial barrier (or both) for the most effective sterilization. This system is 100 percent integrity tested and uses our double rinse process to guarantee the lowest amount of contaminants. Because this filter is made of Polyethersulfone, it is compatible with a wide range of chemicals and temperatures. Common uses include liquid clarification, high purity chemical filtration, electronics and semiconductor, general use water filtration systems and deionized water systems.

For optimum sterilization: The Pur-MAXX SG

If you’re sterilizing medical compounds, you’re saving lives and preventing future illness. From cell culture purification, to buffer solutions, to vaccines and more, this filter will sterilize compounds and keep your constituents out of harm’s way. That’s because it meets the highest standard of microorganism control for sterile fluids. If you frequently see microorganism contamination causing product defects or increased processing time as a result of fluid instability, this filter is your solution. Built from a unique multi-pleated materials using highly asymmetric and hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane with exceptional pleat support materials, this device is hard to beat.

For the best results in food and beverage: Bev-MAXX and Bev-Rite

Microorganisms are the last thing you want in your Kung Pow Chicken. The Bev-MAXX and Bev-Rite filters are built and tested to keep contaminants out of foods and drinks. These filters create an absolute barrier to microorganisms that can cause sustenance/gifs to spoil. Described as one of the industry’s “most rugged bacteria removal filters” if you’re looking for the highest quality filtration system in the food and beverage industry, these filters are your answer.

For viticulturists and Wine-O’s: The Vino-MAXX E

From classy dinner parties to relaxing Sunday evenings, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir is always a great addition to a meal. The Vino-MAXX E will help you give your customers that experience because they are engineered to create an absolute barrier to wine spoiling microorganisms. This robust filter will be effective for multiple steam sterilization cycles meaning your investment will last into the future. For final sterilization of wine, this filter is your best bet.

From contributing to a great tasting, full bodied Merlot or keeping contaminants out of vaccines, filtering is of utmost importance.

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