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The heritage of The Strainrite Companies is closely tied to the initial development of filter bag technology. Their founder, John H. LaPoint Jr., was an integral part of the team that conceived, perfected, and offered the original filter bag. 


The Strainrite Companies strives to apply the filtration expertise they have gained in over 37 years of filter manufacturing. They offer a complete line of filter bags, cartridges and housings. 

Featured Product Lines  

Liquid Filter Bags 

Micron-Rated Felt 

Micron-Rated Mesh 

Extended Life 




Pleated Depth and Membrane Filter Cartridges 

Clarity Membrane Series 

Clarity Dual Pleated Series 

Clarity Depth Series 

Pleated Polypropylene ​​​​

Pleated Microglass 

Pleated Resin-Bonded 

Clarity Specialty Series 

Food & Beverage 



Electronics                  Air & Vent Gas                        Oil & Gas                              Capsules                           Ink & Paint 

MADD-MAXX Large Diameter Hybrid Filters 

Microglass                          Polypropylene 

Resin-Bonded                    Housing- Specific 

Nominally Rated
Continuous Pleat
Gradient Density
High Solids Loading
Nominally Rated
Continuous Pleat
Continuous Pleat- VALUE Series
MAXX- Rite
GLPF- Pleat

Fluid Filtration and Separation Equipment 

Cartridge Vessels 

Hybrid & Bag Vessels 

Specialty Housing

Let us review your application details: Filter Data Sheet 


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