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Industrial Filter Manufacturers offers small, medium, and large capacity intake filters, and filters/silencers for the protection of air compressors, blowers, engines and turbines.

Featured Product Lines 

Air Intake Filter Housings 

Industrial Filter Manufacturers offers small, medium and large capacity intake filters and filter / silencers for the protection of air compressors, blowers, engines, and turbines. 

AF Series Standard Air Intake Filter | AFS Series Silencing Air Intake Filter/ Silencer | AFE Series In Line Air Intake Filter | AFP Series Panel style Air Intake Filter 

Panel- Style Air Intake Housing 

The AFP Air Intake Series panel type housings are designed for removal of airborne particulate for centrifugal compressors, blowers, turbines and other smooth flow machines.

AFP one stage | AFP two stage | AFPA two stage | AFPC three stage | AFP1 inertial spin 

Filter Elements

A complete line of equipment elements.

New elements | Rebuilding 

Pressure Vessels 

IFM manufacturers a variety of pressure vessels for air/gas and liquid applications.

Air/ Gas | Liquid | Coalescing | Vacuum 

Mist-eliminators/ Coalescers

IFM offers mist eliminating / coalescing filters for exhaust ports of vacuum pumps.

Mist-eliminators | Knock-out pot 

Let us review your application details: Gas Filtration Data Sheet 

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