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Fluid Engineering has a complete portfolio of solutions for coarse particulate straining, filtration, separation and pump protection.

Simplex, Duplex, Y type and Cone strainers are available in cast and fabricated versions and various materials to meet your needs. In addition to manually operated strainers, Fluid Engineering offers several version of a Automatic Self- Cleaning Strainer.

Featured Product Lines 

Patented Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer 

  • Low Minimum Operating Pressure (as low as 5 PSI)

  • Simple Rugged Design

  • Patented Cleaning Mechanism

  • Low Maintenance

  • Uninterrupted Process Flow

 Watch the video below to see how this technology works. 

Simplex Strainer 

  • Designs Available for Various Pressures and Temperatures

  • Easy to Install

  • Quick-Opening Covers available

  • Cast and Fabricated construction

Duplex Strainers 

  • Uninterrupted Process Flow

  • Designs Available for Various Pressures and Temperatures

  • Switching Over to Stand-By Housing can be Automated (on most models)

  • Cast and Fabricated construction 

  • Simple Inexpensive Design

  • Great for low particulate load 

  • Cast and Fabricated construction  


Y Strainer 

Temporary Cone Strainer 

  • Standard and Reverse Flow Design

  • “Witches Hat” and “Pilgrim Hat” Styles Available

  • Installs Between Two Pipeline Flanges

  • Perforated, mesh-lined, and anti vibration options available 


Let us review your application details: Strainer Data Sheet 

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