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Purolator offers metal fiber technology for the solution of specific filtration needs for diverse markets. The porous metal media is available in several versions to meet the requirements of high temperature, chemical compatibility and self cleaning fluid filtration applications.


Featured Product Lines

METALEDGE Innovative Self-Cleaning Filters

Metaledge Series filters are self-cleaning filter systems designed for a wide variety of liquid process applications. The filter system feature a cylindrical, cleanable filter element. An integral knife blade cleans the filter by wiping the trapped contaminants off the surface of the element. This self-cleaning feature eliminates the need for housings with disposable filter cartridges, thereby reducing the maintenance costs of replacement elements, change-out labor, and downtime. 



Watch the video below to see how the Metaledge Self-Cleaning Filter works. 


A self-supporting medium made from multiple layers of woven wire cloth, sintered into a rigid, porous metal structure. Poroplate elements are cylindrical, surface-type filters that are perfect for back-flushing and repeated cleaning. 


Multiple layers of diffusion-bonded wire cloth are pleated to maximize filter area and on-stream life. Poromesh media capture contaminants on the upstream surface of the filter element, where it is easily cleaned or back-flushed. 


Microscopic, stainless steel fibers are random-laid and sintered in our proprietary diffusion bonding process. These media are then supported between two or more layers of wire cloth and pleated. Porofelt depth media traps particles deep within its complex pore structure. Porofelt elements provide finer filtration, with optimum dirt-holding capacity and permeability. 

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