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NEW Gas Filtration Trends

What's Trending Now?

Inline Bulk Desander/ Deliquidzer Coalescer

TM Filtration has designed a Three-Stage. "inline" Desander/ Coalescer to remove sand and liquids from gas as it comes out of new wells. This design will remove and collect 99% of all liquids and particles greater that 5 micron without the use of chemicals or extra instruments.

Gas Flow Membrane

The Gas Flow Membrane or GFM Technology was developed to solve the growing and significant problems associated with wetter unconventional "New Gas".

- The outer layer of the element is a pleated mesh screen, which acts as a re-enforcement.

- The substrate is a spun bond polyester, which acts as a solid particulate filter layer.

- The coalescing filter layer is Micro Borosilicate Glass.

- The inner core is a polypropylene tube which is designed to polish the gas. This also functions as a liquid barrier, that only allows gas to pass.

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